Sunday, January 16, 2011


Business is an art and science that makes use of labor, raw materials, capital, etc. etc., earning a PROFIT, and in due time would no longer require the owner to spend high effort to earn high revenue. We do business, because we want to be the owners and not being forced to be enslaved by the work.
Kikiam, Fishball, and Clamares, are products you can sell by simply installing a small cart beside a well populated place of consumers. Yet, making your own concept, doing all the computations, negotiating your source of stocks, and many more would be a total hassle for you.
For this reason, Filtrepreneur Franchise Inc. offers you one of our MOST PROFITABLE CONCEPTS, Jack’s Eatabols!

v      Quality Cart. Unlike typical kikiam, fishball, and calamares stands, the cart have good presentation along with its covering.
v      High Quality Products, Jack’s Eatabols has been one of the pioneering concepts that was offered since 1996. Red Crickett Vending Concept (FFI’s Factory), is one of the market’s suppliers of kikiam, fishballs, siomai, siopao, and many more. 18 years in the Food Industry. Now in partnership with FFI, that will supply you for your products. 
v      HIGH MARK UP, Jack’s Eatabols is one of the most highest mark up among the concepts the company offers. It’s ranging from 55%-60%. Plus, this mark up can increase by your right to change the selling price (for plausible reasons), with approval of the office.
v      NOT A ONE TIME TRANSACTION, right after purchasing your cart, doesn’t mean that your connection to the company will be gone. Filtrepreneur Franchise Inc. does not offer a one-time transaction business. The company will be supporting you in the best way that we can for a franchisee to earn bigger profit. 

For only P21,888.00 you will have a READY TO OPERATE JACK’S EATABOLS CART! Along with it are fryer, display glass, uniform, sampler, and many more!!! No longer need to think about stocks, because Filtrepreneur Franchise Inc. has an owned Factory that will supply your products. Sell a clean and high quality foods in your chosen place and have a 60% Average Mark Up on this! Get your ROI for the shortest time possible of 4 months!!!